About the State's Attorney's Office

The State’s Attorney is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer for Macon County,

and is the Chief Legal Adviser for the county. The office is an agency of the Executive Branch of government. In addition to the elected State’s Attorney, the office is currently comprised of 18 Attorneys, 3 Investigators, and 31 full and part-time support staff.


As Chief Law Enforcement Officer the State’s Attorney has the following duties:


·        To commence and prosecute all felony and misdemeanor criminal actions


·        To prosecute all traffic violations pursuant to the Illinois Vehicle Code


·        To provide legal advice to law enforcement agencies operating in Macon County in criminal matters and investigations


·        To provide legal advice to the Grand Jury and to commence and prosecute all investigations before the Grand Jury


·        To commence and prosecute all actions pursuant tothe Juvenile Court Act, including abuse, neglect, dependency, and delinquency proceedings


·        To proceed on behalf of both private persons and the Illinois Department of Public Aid to assure the payment of child support of minor children in Macon County


·        To commence and prosecute all actions pursuant to Illinois law providing for the involuntary commitment of mentally ill persons to the Illinois Department of Mental Health


·        To provide legal advice to the Macon County Board and county office holders


In 2012 the State’s Attorney’s Office filed and prosecuted 1,784 felony cases, 1,231 misdemeanor cases, 268 juvenile delinquency cases, 159 juvenile abuse/neglect cases, and 164 mental health cases.  In addition, the office was responsible for the prosecution of 582 DUI arrests and more than 16,000 traffic citations.


The Macon County State’s Attorney’s Office is currently organized into eleven departments:


          • Felony Division
              • Elderly Victims Crime Unit
              • Gang and Weapons Prosecution Unit
              • Sex Crimes Unit
              • Drug Prosecution Unit
          • Domestic Violence Unit
          • Misdemeanor Division
          • Juvenile Division
          • DUI/Traffic Division
          • Child Support Enforcement Division
          • Investigations
          • Victim Witness Unit
          • Adult Diversion Program
          • Deferred Prosecution Program
          • Community Outreach Program