Adult Diversion Program

The Macon County State’s Attorney’s Adult Diversion Program has been a vital component of the office since 1992.  It offers an alternative to prosecution for appropriate first-time offenders.  Rather than face formal prosecution in court, offenders are diverted from the court system.  Participants are required to pay a fee to the county, complete community service hours, pay restitution to the victim, write a letter of apology to the victim, and to comply with any other conditions imposed.  Upon successful completion of the program no criminal conviction is entered.


The benefits of the program are twofold: 


(1) The court caseload is reduced
allowing prosecutors to devote resources to more serious crimes, therefore
reducing the cost to taxpayers that would be required to prosecute these cases;


(2) Offenders avoid having a criminal
conviction on their record.



Kim Tarvin

Adult Diversion
Program Coordinator