Released Date 6/14/16

Macon County State’s Attorney Jay Scott announced today that Assistant State’s Attorney Lindsey Shelton has been named Chair of the East Central Illinois Fatality Review Team. Scott will also serve as a member of the team, along with Elderly Victims Crime Unit Investigator David Cook and Victim Advocate Kim Tarvin. The Fatality Review Team is comprised of prosecutors, police, coroners or medical examiners, forensic units, service providers, and representatives of the Illinois Department on Aging.

The purpose of the Fatality Review Team is to review suspicious deaths of persons 60 years of age or older, and adults age 18 to 59 with disabilities, who reside in domestic living situations. Its goal is to identify whether systems designed to assist or protect victims were sufficient for the particular circumstances, or whether such systems require adjustment or improvement. The team serves sixteen east central Illinois counties.

A veteran prosecutor, Shelton serves as Supervising Attorney for the Macon County State’s Attorney’s Elderly Victims Crime Unit and the Domestic Violence Unit.

“We’re very excited about being part of the Fatality Review Team,” Scott said. “We’ve devoted a lot of effort to protecting senior citizens and adults with disabilities since the Elderly Victims Crime Unit was established 3½ years ago. Being involved with the Fatality Review Team is kind of a natural progression for everything we’ve been doing. Lindsey has worked very hard and has been very successful prosecuting crimes against Senior Citizens. She’s the perfect choice to chair the Fatality Review Team.”

Jay Scott
Macon County State’s Attorney