Child Support Enforcement Divison

The Macon County State’s Attorney’s Office recognizes the importance of fostering and

strengthening families in our community.  The Child Support Enforcement Division, founded in 1981 and funded by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (IDHFS) and Macon County, is committed to obtaining financial support for the children of custodial parents.  The division is responsible for handling approximately 10,000 open child support cases at any given time, and consistently exceeds the regional goals established by IDHFS for new cases filed, money collected, and support orders entered.  Over the past five years the Child Support Enforcement Division has secured more than $65 million in financial support payments for local families.


The dedicated staff of the Child Support Enforcement Division, comprised of two Assistant State’s Attorneys and four support staff, works in and out of court to help build strong, healthy families.  The division is also involved in helping non-custodial parents find employment and connecting them with resources in the community to assist in learning life skills.  Staff also participates in continuing education, presentations in the community, and participating in workshops.




Am I eligible for this program?


Child support services are available to any parent who needs assistance in establishing legal parentage, or establishing or enforcing child support or medical support, regardless of income.


How do I apply for child support services?


A parent may sign up for services online at, by visiting the IDHFS office at 707 East Wood Street, Decatur, Illinois, or by calling 1-800-447-4278.  New cases are not established at the Macon County State’s Attorney’s Office.


How do I request a change in the amount of child support?


An order for support is eligible for a modification review every three years, or when there is a significant change in circumstances in terms of the need of the child or a significant change in the income of the non-custodial parent.  Before a case can be submitted to the State’s Attorney for legal proceedings a review is conducted by staff at IDHFS to verify balances, the non-custodial parent’s employment status and income, and other pertinent information.


Will the Child Support Enforcement Division help me with other issues such as custody, visitation or a property settlement?


The Child Support Enforcement Division does not handle matters such as custody, visitation or property settlement.  A private attorney should be retained for these purposes.


I’m ordered to pay child support and my income has decreased.  Can I get the amount lowered?


A non-custodial parent may request IDHFS to review his/her case to determine if there has been a change in circumstances that may call for a downward modification of the order for child support.  If the review determines that the case may meet the eligibility requirements the case can be forwarded to the State’s Attorney’s Office to obtain an order lowering the obligation.


How is the amount of child support calculated?


Child support is determined by law, and is calculated by the number of children and the net income of the non-custodial parent.


Number of Children                                 Percentage of Net Income

 1                                                                       20%

 2                                                                       28%

 3                                                                       32%

 4                                                                       40%

 5                                                                       45%

 6 or more                                                       50%


Net income is the total of all income from all sources, minus the following deductions:

Federal income tax

State income tax

Social Security (FICA)

Mandatory retirement contributions

Union dues

Dependent and individual health/hospitalization insurance premiums




Assistant State’s Attorney Ruth Waller



Illinois Child Support Website:


                 Customer Service:  1-800-447-4278


Illinois State Disbursement Unit:


                 Customer Service:  1-800-225-7077