Elderly Victims Crime Unit (EVCU)

The seniors of Macon County rank among our most vulnerable citizens.  The mission of the  Elderly Victims Crime Unit (EVCU), which was established in January 2013, is to aggressively prosecute those who prey upon the elderly, whether through abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation.  One of the office’s most dedicated and talented prosecutors supervises the unit to make sure everything possible is done to obtain convictions, full restitution when applicable, and the stiffest possible penalties against those proven to have offended against the elderly. 

In 2014 EVCU received a four year, $360,000 grant from the Howard G. Buffett Foundation which provides a full-time State's Attorney's Investigator for the unit to assist with the investigation and prosecution of these often difficult cases.  A Victim Advocate has also been assigned to the unit to help victims and their families navigate the criminal justice system, and to put victims in touch with agencies and organizations dedicated to assisting senior citizens.


In July 2013 EVCU was expanded to include the investigation and prosecution of crimes with victims who are Dependent Adults, those of any age who are physically, mentally, or developmentally disabled, who require assistance to carry out normal activities or to protect their rights. Cases with Dependent Adult victims share many of the same investigation and prosecution issues of elderly victim crimes. This expansion of EVCU will enable us to better serve and protect Dependent Adult victims in Macon County.


A second goal of the EVCU is to increase public awareness of the prevalence of crimes against the elderly.  Educating the community of the warning signs of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation will lead to crime prevention by allowing family, friends, neighbors and businesses to recognize when crimes are being planned or committed.


We intend to send a message to those inclined to target our
senior citizens – NOT IN OUR COUNTY!


Roger Craig - EVCU Investigator