Summary of Purpose


The State's Attorney is the chief law enforcement officer in and for the County and is also the chief legal adviser for the County.


The State's Attorney has many duties, including, but not limited to, the following:


·         To commence and prosecute all actions, suits, indictments and prosecutions, civil and criminal, in the circuit court for his county, in which the people of the State or county may be concerned.


·         To prosecute all forfeited bonds and recognizances, and all actions and proceedings for the recovery of debts, revenues, moneys, fines, penalties and forfeitures accruing to the State or his county, or to any school district or road district in his county; also, to prosecute all suits in his county against railroad or transportation companies, which may be prosecuted in the name of the People of the State of Illinois.


·         To commence and prosecute all actions and proceedings brought by any county officer in his official capacity.


·         To defend all actions and proceedings brought against his county, or against any county or State officer, in his official capacity, within his county.


·         To attend the examination of all persons brought before any judge on habeas corpus, when the prosecution is in his county.


·         To attend before judges and prosecute charges of felony or misdemeanor, for which the offender is required to be recognized to appear before the circuit court, when in his power so to do.


·         To give his opinion, without fee or reward, to any county officer in his county, upon any question or law relating to any criminal or other matter, in which the people or the county may be concerned.


·         To appear in all proceedings by collectors of taxes against delinquent taxpayers for judgments to sell real estate, and see that all the necessary preliminary steps have been legally taken to make the judgment legal and binding.


Functional Subdivisions


·         Felony Division

           -  Elderly Victims Crime Unit

           -  Gang & Weapons Prosecution Unit

           -  Sex Crimes Unit

           -  Drug Prosecution Unit

·         Domestic Violence Unit

·         Misdemeanor Division

·         Juvenile Division

·         DUI/Traffic Division

·         Child Support Enforcement Division

·         Investigations

·         Victim Witness Unit

·         Adult Diversion Program

·         Deferred Prosecution Program

·         Community Outreach Program


Operating Budget


Operating budget (FY 2016): $3,384,005

The Macon County State’s Attorney’s Office employs approximately 43 full time employees and 4 part time employees.


Freedom of Information Act Requests


Requests for public records must be submitted in writing to:


ASA Michael Baggett

Macon County State’s Attorney FOIA Officer

253 E. Wood Street, 4th Floor

Decatur, IL 62523

Fax: (217) 424-1402





Copy of record maintained in paper format

                First 50 pages of black & white pages (letter or legal sized)                               Free

                Black & White pages (letter or legal sized) beyond first 50 pages                      $0.15 per page

                Color pages                                                                                        $0.30 per page


                Non-letter or -legal sized pages                                                                 Actual cost


Copy of a record maintained in an electronic format

CD                                                                                                                     $0.76 per disc

DVD                                                                                                                   $0.82 per disc




Request for Public Record Form

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