The Investigations Division of the Macon County State’s Attorney’s Office is manned by three full-time investigators.  Each investigator is a sworn law enforcement officer with full police authority, including arrest powers. 


The duties of the investigators include:


                       ·       Providing assistance to attorneys throughout pre-trial          

                               preparation, trial,  and follow-up

                       ·       Conducting investigations, interviews, and other follow-up work

                       ·       Collaborating with and providing assistance to local law 

                               enforcement agencies on a daily basis and to law enforcement agencies nationwide when 


                       ·       Locating and serving subpoenas to victims and witnesses

                       ·       Providing testimony in court proceedings as to interviews conducted with victims,

                               witnesses, and defendants, and as to other aspects of investigations

   ·      Locating and insuring the availability of physical exhibits needed at trials

   ·      Performing criminal history checks

   ·      Conducting investigations of specialized and/or sensitive criminal matters at 

          the request of other enforcement agencies

   ·      Attending and representing the Macon County State’s Attorney’s Office at   

          various community organization meetings and events




Nate Binkley, Chief Investigator 


Roger Craig

Jim Owens