Job Search Affidavit





This form is for persons who have been ordered by the Court to conduct a diligent job search.  Ordinarily it will be for no
less than fifteen (15) jobs each month.  The party must complete the entire form leaving No Spaces Blank.  If you apply

on line record the name of the Personnel Director of the company.  If it is not available on the application then call the company and ask for the name of the person in charge of hiring and put it in the appropriate space.  Do not wait until

you return to court on your review date to turn the forms in to the court.  You must return the forms to the MACON COUNTY CHILD SUPPORT OFFICE at 253 E. Wood St. in the County Building, room 518 on the date given by

the judge in court.  These forms are checked by this office to insure that the information is true and correct.  If the court

finds that a party violated the Court order by falsifying the information on the form that person can be held in contempt

of court and sentenced appropriately by the Court.  If you lose your forms you can go to the Macon County States Attorney website and download forms there. If you have any questions you may call the child support division at 217-424-0874. 


The job search is an order from the court and the form you are given is an Affidavit which is legally binding upon the party whose signature is at the bottom of the form.



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