Press Releases

"Adult Diversion Program Collects More Than $83,000 in Program Fees, More Than $20,000 in Restitution, and More Than $5,400 for Local Organizations During 2016"
Released Date 2/28/17

"Elderly Victims Crime Unit Sentences Offenders to 120 Years in Prison, More than $105,500 in Restitution Ordered, During 2016"

Released Date 1/31/17

"Assistant State's Attorney Kate Kurtz Named Macon County Employee of the Quarter"
Released Date 10/14/16

"Telephone Scammers Impersonating Decatur Ambulance Service Employee"
Released Date 9/22/16

"Assistant State's Attorney Lindsey Shelton named Chair of the East Central Illinois Fatality Review Team"
Released Date 6/14/16

"James Comp Sentenced to 10 Years for Fatal DUI"
Released Date 5/6/16

"Macon County Child Advocacy Center to be Renamed Child 1st Center at Grand Reopening Ceremony"

Released Date 4/11/16

"Elderly Victims Crime Unit Sentences Offenders to 133 Years in Prison during 2015"
Released Date 1/26/16

"Macon County State's Attorney's Adult Diversion Program Give Back to the Community Fee Collects More Than $5,000 for Local Organizations in 2015"
Released Date 1/7/16

"Macon County Residents Targeted with Visa Debit Card Telephone Scam"
Released Date 12/24/15

"Jerry Taylor Sentenced to 30 years for Armed Robbery and Unlawful Possession of Weapon by Felon"
Released Date 12/18/15

"Macon County Residents targeted by IRS Telephone Scam"
Released Date 11/16/15

"Telephone Scammer Impersonating a Mt. Zion Police Officer"
Released Date 10/20/15

"College Scholarship Telephone Scam Alert" 
Released Date 10/7/15

"Rickey McClellan Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Obstructing Justice in Toby Britton Murder Prosecution"
Released Date 9/10/15

"Telephone Scammer Impersonating a Macon County Sheriff's Office Detective"
Released Date 8/10/15

"Federal Grand Jury Indicts Kelton Synder on charges of Murder and Robbery related to Paige Mars Homicide"
Released Date 8/7/15

"Political Fundraising Telephone Scam"

Released Date 7/30/15

"State's Attorney's Administrative Assistant Sonny Woods Named Macon County Employee of the Quarter"

Released Date 7/13/15


"Elaborate Jury Duty Telephone Scam in Macon County"

Released Date 7/9/15


"2015 Exemplary Citizens Awards - Press Conference"

 Released Date 6/30/15


"Zaharias Rager Sentenced to 21 years for Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault"

Released Date 4/16/15


"Medical Supply Telephone Scam Alert"

Released Date 4/16/15


"State's Attorney Establishes Gang and Weapons Prosecution Unit"

Released Date 4/9/15


"Vorties Sentenced to 11 years for Aggravated Discharge of a Firearm"

Released Date 3/25/15


"Rodgers Appointed to Board of Illinois Balanced and Restorative Justice Project"

Released Date 3/17/15


"State's Attorney's Employees Appointed to IAJJ Councils Board"

Released Date 2/24/15


"Power Company Telephone Scam Alert"

Released Date 2/10/15


"Government Grant Telephone Scam Alert"
Released Date 1/15/15


"Caller ID Spoofing"

Released Date 12/9/14


"State's Attorney's Office Receives Grant to Enhance Elderly Victims Crime Unit"

Released Date 12/1/14


"IRS - Telephone SCAM Alert"

Released Date 11/3/14


"Publisher's Clearing House - Telephone SCAM Alert"

Released Date 10/28/14


"Telephone SCAM Alert"

Released Date 9/4/14


"Residential Burglar Sentenced to 18 years in Prison"

Released Date 8/29/14


"State's Attorney's Employee Kim Tarvin Named Macon County Employee of the Quarter"

Released Date 7/16/14


"Exemplary Citizens Awards - Press Conference"

Released Date 6/24/14


"Adult Diversion Program Fees Increase 55%, Collection of Restitution Increases 103%, in 2013"

Released Date 1/1/14


"Conviction Affirmed in Aggravatted Battery Case involving Handicapped Victim"

Released Date:  10/8/13


"Concealed Carry Authorized in Macon County"

Released Date:  6/21/13


"Child Murderer's Conviction Affirmed"

Released Date:  6/19/13


"West End Burglar" sentenced to Ten Years"

Released Date:  3/27/13 


"Child Murderer's Conviction Upheld" 

Released Date:  12/19/12


"Office provides Sexual Assault Training to Medical Professionals"

Released Date:  12/6/12  


"Richter Murder Conviction Affirmed - First Illinois Case to Use Hearsay Statements of Murder Victim"

Released Date:  11/16/12