Released Date: 3/27/13

Macon County State's Attorney Jay Scott announced today that Stephen D. Taylor was sentecned to ten years in the Illinois Department of Corrections after a plea of guilty on seven separate residential burglaries committed during the summer of 2012. Taylor was apprehended on October 2, 2012 after a lengthy investigation by the Decatur Police Department. Taylor was known as the “west end burglar” prior to his identification and apprehension.

Detective Bryan Kaylor was the lead investigator in this case. He testified at Taylor’s sentencing hearing regarding four additional uncharged residential burglaries, in which credible evidence existed that Taylor was the perpetrator of those offenses. In several of the cases, the victims were home sleeping when they were burglarized during the night. US currency, laptop computers, and televisions, among other items, were taken from the homes.

Taylor and his mother testified for the defense. Both testified that Taylor was heavily addicted to cocaine and marijuana during the summer of 2011 and that the drug addiction motivated Taylor’s criminal behavior.

Taylor had no prior adult felony convictions; however, Judge Timothy Steadman sentenced him to a ten year term in the Illinois Department of Corrections due to the extensive number of offenses committed by Taylor. Judge Steadman, at the request of the defense, recommended that the Department of Corrections evaluate Taylor for substance abuse treatment while incarcerated.